Forest Practices Board

Michael Nash
Part-Time Board Member

Michael Nash is a well-known outdoorsman, naturalist, and public volunteer with extensive experience in forestry, wildland conservation, and recreation matters in northern British Columbia. Author of three books and other published works, Mike resides in Prince George.

Among his public involvements he was a member and later chair of  the city of Prince George's rivers committee and a participant in a provincial commercial recreation policy process, both in the early 1990s. Later, he was a participant in the Prince George LRMP; a mountain caribou recovery implementation group; FORREX northern regional steering committee; Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program Peace Chapter steering committee; various UNBC forestry-related advisory committees; and served as a lay councilor for the Association of BC Forest Professionals (2002-05).

He was employed by Northwood and Canfor for 20 years in information technology.